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“I think people always ask me about my love, or lack of love, life,” she tells ET. ' Not even knowing that it's about financial advice and life coaching and all of that.

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“I've been really focused on work so much and sometimes, something has to give and it was just that.” “I have to be able to be focused and sleep,” Frankel adds. So, I can't be dating unless I'm ready to, like, go full monty. People just all of sudden clung to it.” WATCH: Bethenny Frankel and Andy Cohen Weh In on Phaedra Parks’ Future “Women try to hold on so tht, and then just crumble because we're trying to be superwomen,” Frankel adds.

<b>After</b> a <b>Breakup</b>, How Do I Know If It's Just a Rebound Relationship?

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“I'm building my Skinnygirl business, I've created a charity, I have a daughter, so sometimes, dating seems like you're really not going to be able to fit it in.” MORE: Bethenny Frankel Spills on Rumored Romance With Alex Rodruez Frankel and Shields split earlier this year, but he’s still featured on the current season of . “I had a rough spot, and I'm so blessed in so many ways that I couldn't believe how debilitating it was for me.

<strong>Dating</strong> People <strong>After</strong> My <strong>Breakup</strong> Made Me Realize I Still Love My Ex
How soon can I date after a break-up? Go Ask Alice!

WATCH: Bethenny Frankel Dishes On Co-Parenting “Sometimes it's empowering,” the 46-year-old says of the constant media attention. I mean, if people are really spending time talking about you, you must be doing something so rht that it's just bothering them so badly that they have to try to say something negative.” “I don't really think about haters and things like that,” she continues. “When B Strong came out, and people just heard, 'Oh, it's a charity about women in crisis?After a Breakup, How Do I Know If It's Just a Rebound Relationship?

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